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The Florida Department of Transportation has granted Location Design Concept Acceptance
for the 40th Avenue NE Over Placido Bayou Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study.

Need for the Project

The 40th Avenue NE Bridge connects two St. Petersburg neighborhoods – Northeast Park and Shore Acres. Since August 2017, this 57 year old structure has been the focus of community conversation. That’s when the City discovered hidden structural issues under the center portion of the bridge and temporarily closed the bridge to make emergency repairs. During the repair process, additional deterioration was discovered and City officials determined that a new structure was needed.

As a way of maintaining safe vehicular access, the City reduced the maximum weight allowed on the structure, modified the travel lanes by shifting traffic to the outside and lowered the speed limit. These safety measures were implemented in an effort to keep this important connection open as plans for its repair and replacement move forward.

After coordination through community meetings, the PD&E Study and Design Phase are complete. The bridge replacement design focuses on three key factors: user safety, accessibility, and aesthetics. Please check back to learn of upcoming construction phase workshops for further information.

Project Information

Project Limits: 40th Avenue NE over Placido Bayou,
From 12th Street NE to West of 13th Way NE
City Project Manager:
(727) 892-5302
Project Design: Cardno
40th ave bridge project map